The Ramsgate and District Model Engineering Club

Our next Meeting - Friday 22nd November 2019.
7pm at Crampton Tower, Broadstairs.

We are a group of like minded model engineers interested in building locomotives of various gauges (mainly 5" gauge), traction engines and other engineering projects.

On our site you will find information on our normal running days at our 3.5" and 5" gauge railway track in Ellington Park, Ramsgate, together with details of any other events that we are taking part in. You will also find galleries of photographs of some of the projects our members have undertaken, as well as running days at some of the events held in Ellington Park.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our club, we would be delighted to see you at any of our running days in the park, or at one of our regular Friday evenings, held either Crampton Tower Museum in Broadstairs, or in the summer months, sometimes at the track in Ellington Park. For further information, please click on Membership.



About The Club

The club was founded on the 24th June 1947, by enthusiasts keen to promote modelling and model engineering in Thanet.

The first meeting was at the County Works in Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate. There were eight sections devoted to such diverse activities as arts and crafts, miniature railways, radio, architectural models, locomotives, boats and yachts.

When these premises were demolished in 1956 the club moved to Effingham Street where members worked with model steam locomotives of various gauges from 2.5" to 5" and 00 gauge electric layouts.

In 1961 the first portable track was constructed with the idea of running live steam locomotives. For its first outing the track was taken to the Preston Flower Show, marking the start of a successful career in operating portable track events. In 1969 a permanent, elevated, 3.5" and 5" gauge railway track was erected within the historic Ellington Park in Ramsgate, which is still in use today.

With the move to the Water Board premises in Southwood Road in 1968, members had more space. The premises consisted of three parts, behind the house was a workshop, a pump room and a small shed. There was a library and a 00 gauge layout in the bedrooms of the house, with holes knocked through the walls for the track to pass between the rooms.

In 1981, the club moved to the other side of the road into what was the BBC Radio building, this being in front of the water tower. At that time the club lost the 00 gauge railway and the library and instead concentrated on live steam locos and general model engineering.

1998 saw the club move to small premises in Manston and it stayed there until moving the meetings to the present location at Crampton Tower Museum in early 2004.

Today the club has members that have built, or are building 2.5", 3.5" and 5" gauge steam locomotives and 5" gauge electric locomotives. The club also has members who have built, or run, traction engines of various scales.

Find Us

The club meets on Friday evenings, during the winter at Crampton Tower Museum, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

During the summer months we sometimes meet at the track in Ellington Park in Ramsgate, again at 7:00pm. Check on the home page to see if we are meeting in the park...

Please see our Calendar of Events
for track running days.

Latest News

2nd November 2019 - Following our AGM, the committee remains unchanged, as follows:

Chairman: Alan Gibbs
Treasurer: Jane Knight
Secretary: Shared by Jane Knight and Duncan Edwards
Safety Officer: Duncan Edwards

Our 2019 AGM will be held at the Sylvia Kirkpatrick building, Crampton Tower, Broadstairs. Friday 1st November 2019 starting promptly at 7:30pm.

27th August 2019 The bridge with a coat of paint - looking good, but still a couple more jobs to be done to finish it off completely.

10th July 2019 The second stage of the bridge work is now complete and we have a pivoting bridge - no more having to carry it in and out of the shed!
There is still more work to be done to finish it, adding a sprung loaded wheel to take the weight whilst pivoting the bridge - and a much needed coat of paint to complete the job...

8th April 2019 The first stage of replacing the heavy lift out bridge with a pivoting one is complete - A pivot post has been buried in the ground around which the bridge will swing clear of the entrance to allow the mowers to get in to cut the grass on the inside of the track.

11th March 2019 - Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Spring Meeting will now be held one week later than planned, at Crampton Tower on the 5th April, starting promptly at 7:30.

2nd March 2019 - Our Spring Meeting will be held on the 29th March, starting promptly at 7:30 at Crampton Tower.

27th October 2018 - Following our AGM, the committee for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Chairman: Alan Gibbs
Treasurer: Jane Knight
Secretary: Shared by Jane Knight and Duncan Edwards
Safety Officer: Duncan Edwards

20th August 2018 - On Saturday 11th August we were invited to the Canterbury and District Model Engineering Society's open day, an event held each year - Saturday for visiting clubs and Sunday for the general public. As always it was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - thanks for the invite!

14th July 2018 - Whilst running trains last Saturday at 'Battles for Victory', a guy came along carrying what I'd call a big drone. He asked for permission to launch from inside our track, as it is about the only safe place when there is an event on in the park. The drone is incredible and Alex, the owner operator was happy to discuss and demonstrate its capabilities - he kindly captured an image of our track and here it is.

The company Alex has created is called 'A Drones Perspective Ltd.' - more details can be found online at Facebook, Instagram and youtube.

28th October 2017 - Following our AGM, the committee for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Chairman: Alan Gibbs
Treasurer: Jane Knight
Secretary: Shared by Jane Knight and Duncan Edwards
Safety Officer: Duncan Edwards

Our 2017 AGM will be held at the Sylvia Kirkpatrick building, Crampton Tower, Broadstairs. Friday 27th October 2017 starting promptly at 7:30pm.

3rd September 2017

Work has started on the flintwork in the walls of our shed in Ellington Park.... 

9th July 2017 - Today was the second day of the 2017 Battles for Victory event in Ellington Park.  The club was there both days - the weather was great, the show was fantastic and very well supported and we had great fun giving lots of train rides.

Many thanks to those people who gave up their weekend to help us and make the event so good!

Finally our thanks to Clive for organising the event.  We look forward to the weekend of the 14th and 15th of July 2018 when the Battles for Victory event will be on once more!

1st November 2016 - The Club's 2017 Spring Meeting will be held at Crampton Tower on the 31st March at 7:30pm

29th October 2016 - Following our AGM, the committee for 2016-2017 remains unchanged:

Chairman: Alan Gibbs
Treasurer: Jane Knight
Secretary: James Kearsey
Safety Officer: Duncan Edwards


We have finished our published Timetable for 2019, but our 2020 running schedule will be published soon....


Membership of the Ramsgate and District Model Engineering Club will offer you the opportunity to learn to drive locomotives, both electric and steam, on our club track, insurance to run any locomotives or traction engines you may own and guidance in building your own project, to name but a few benefits.

Added to that is the camaraderie of being a member of a club where model engineering is at the forefront of our existence...

Subscriptions are currently £20 for adults and £10 for under 16s, due annually at the Club's A.G.M. in October.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the Club's Treasurer

Please click the link below:

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Please ensure you provide the following details - Name, Address, Phone Number, e-mail address and interests.

Contact Us

Please e-mail us:

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Our Club Constitution

The name of the club shall be the Ramsgate and District Model Engineering Club (RADMEC).

The object of the Club shall be to encourage model engineering and to foster the interchange of ideas and mutual assistance between members.

The Club shall be a non-profit making organization and accordingly, its assets shall be used only to further the aspirations and objectives of the Club. Should the Club be wound up, any remaining assets shall be disposed of as decided by the committee.

The business of the club shall be conducted by the committee, which shall consist of: A Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Safety Officer, each of whom shall be elected for a period of one year.

The committee may nominate a President and shall have the power to co-opt other cub members to the committee if required.

The Secretary shall call meetings and record the minutes thereof. The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) and Spring General Meeting should be called as near as is practical to the last Friday in October and March respectively.

The funds of the Club shall be managed by the Treasurer and shall be lodged in a bank account. Cheques drawn against the current account shall be signed by two committee members. The Treasurer shall keep all books and accounts and provide a balance sheet at the A.G.M. each year. The Club’s financial year running from 1st October to the 30th September.

Subscriptions at rates decided by the club at each A.G.M. are payable on joining and thence annually at the A.G.M.

The Club reserves the right to accept, or refuse, applications for membership and to terminate membership by majority decision of the committee.

Any matter arising, which is not covered by this constitution, shall be referred to the committee whose decision shall be final.

Re-drafted 28th January 2015.


Members locos

Jane driving British Legion


Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle and Princess Alexandra

Tin Turtle

Jane driving British Legion

British Legion

Princess Alexandra

Sir Nigel Gresley

Sir Nigel Gresley with Two Tenders.

Mick driving Sir Nigel Gresley

Keith driving Sir Nigel Gresley



Jane driving Florence

Mick driving Florence

Western Warrior

Alan driving Western Warrior

Lady Jane

Keith driving Coeur de Lion

Cyril Edwin Carter- an early Bulleid diesel-electric loco

Harry driving his loco

The Ellington Express

Keith with Coeur de Lion

Coeur de Lion

Keith driving Coeur de Lion

Steam from Coeur de Lion

Mick driving his Class 76

Harry driving his loco


Older Photos

Mike Browning with a group of children and Ajax.

Ajax, being driven by Geoff Vilton.

Paul Wickham sitting and Mick Clements with Ajax and a couple of lads.

2MT 2-6-0 loco.

Mike Browning being watched while steaming Ajax.

Left to right; Mike Browning, Fred Crispe, Reg Wilcockson,
Walter Skuse, Eric Church and Ted Humphries,
taken at Southwood Road.
Believed to me the committee at the time.
Loco is Walter Skuse's Britannia.

Keith ?, Mick Clements, Richard Miller and a lad.

Left to right; Mike Browning, Ted Humphries?,
Reg Wilcockson, unknown - partially hidden, Walter Skuse and unknown.

Right to left; Fred Crispe, ? Vilton, Ken Lewington, ? Vilton, John Wickham, George Johnson,
Geoff Vilton, Harry Skinner,? (son of ->), Mick Milton.

Reg Wilcockson checking his loco,
watched by Ted Humphries.

Mike Browning and Ajax..

Traction Engines

Work In Progress

Sir Nigel Gresley on test before painting

Cutting a batch of gears

Cutting a batch of gears

A finished gear

Steel Blank, ready for machining.

Steel blank, machined and just finishing cutting the teeth...

Wheel fabrication - machined blanks and finished wheel...

Wheel fabrication - machining the spokes...

Completed Wheel...

Swiss Crocodile Locomotive - Front chassis almost complete...

Swiss Crocodile Locomotive - Front chassis almost complete...